It was a sunny Saturday morning and I was in dire need of a caffeine fix. But as I walked in to my favourite coffee shop, I couldn’t help but feel a little out of place. As I looked around, I noticed all the women dressed in the same outfit. Had I missed the memo? They were all decked out in sports tops, leggings and sneakers. Perfect attire … for the GYM, not the coffee shop we were currently at!

So then I wondered has everyone just come from their morning workout, still in their compression leggings for a quick muscle recovery. Or is coffee now considered a pre-workout supplement, which is required,  before sweating it out afterwards? But if that’s the case when did wearing make up become a work out accessory? Seeing brands like Lorna Jane, Skins, Nike and Adidas trending amongst the coffee drinkers, it dawned on me that my ripped jeans and Metallica t-shirt were no longer the correct attire for the Saturday morning coffee run. So instead of ordering my coffee to enjoy there, I ordered it take away and ran out of the shop as quick as my non-exercise attire could take me.

Now, I’m not saying that women shouldn’t wear whatever the heck they want, I’m just A) Giving you the heads up so you don’t make the same fashion faux par I did and; B) Questioning why women are spending huge amounts of money on designer sportswear? Is it the belief that looking awesome will lead to an awesome workout? Is it to let the public know that you’re not a couch potato? Or do you want people assuming you are part of the #kaylamovement (check out this hashtag on Instagram and you’ll soon find out what I’m talking about)?

Whatever your reason is for wearing expensive sportswear it’s completely up to you, however my concern is the objectives behind why people are purchasing high-end expensive sports clothing. As a self proclaimed gym addict, I admit, I own a pair of Skins myself (a Christmas present from my brother in-law). But I know it takes more than some fancy leggings to motivate me to head to the gym.

The point I’m trying make is, if you can afford that $50 Nike singlet then go ahead and buy it, but if you can’t, don’t stress because it’s not going to be the essential ingredient you need to get up and get to the gym at 6am. It’s all about motivating yourself, thinking about how much better you’ll feel after your work out and feeling proud that you’ve actually done what you’ve promised yourself you would do!

Your outfit shouldn’t be the defining factor for whether you’re going to run 10k today or to be used as an advertise tool, to show the public that you like to keep fit. A gym outfit should be seen in two places – when working out and being hung on the clothes line.

So when I head to the gym tonight I’ll grab my $5 Kmart top and $10 shorts accompanied with my iPhone with my favourite workout playlist. That is all the help I need to encourage me to pump iron like a queen (king)!

Nicole O'Sullivan 

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