Caitlin helped setting up life insurance, income protection and helped to merge multiple superannuation funds. The process was stress free and Caitlin made me feel very organised. Her advice was always easy to understand and she continues to help out with any questions I might have in relation to insurance, income procreation and superannuation.


My wife Nicky and I first got insurance about 20 years ago when we started a family, believing that it was important as we started to take on debt and we wanted assurance if something went wrong. There were definitely times when we considered getting rid of the insurance because we couldn’t afford the premiums, but we battled through and held on to it. 

“Unfortunately, we had to make a claim when Nicky was diagnosed with terminal cancer. We received a $100,000 trauma insurance payout which allowed me to stop work and be a full time carer for Nicky and the kids.”

Due to the degree of the cancer, we also received the entire life insurance benefit which we invested immediately. We made the decision to move away from the farm and built a new home, creating a lifestyle where Nicky was going to be most comfortable alongside her family.

“The insurance payout certainly set my family up so that I could be there for the kids. I didn’t have to worry about working throughout Nicky’s entire illness. I could just be there for the kids, our youngest just nine years old at the time.” 

Thanks to the insurance I pretty much won’t ever have to work again. It has opened up an entirely new world for me and the kids. However, we’d exchange it all in an instant to have Nicky back.

I would highly recommend investing in insurance, even if it’s just a small amount. It will give you that little bit of extra relief knowing your family is going to be cared for. Together with the team from Ambleside I will continue to look after our investments and what is in our family’s best interests


Caitlin was a great help to my husband and I. She was able to clearly explain our best options and point us in the right direction.


Caitlin has been fantastic in helping us organise our insurances. She has always been clear, concise and easily approachable if we ever had any questions. Thanks Caitlin.


I first looked for advice in 2001. At the time I was a single man with regular work and had accumulated a substantial amount of savings. After receiving advice from family and friends, I made the decision to invest the money in the share market. The Ambleside team tailored an investment plan that suited my current work and lifestyle status. 

“We worked together to set out long term goals, always including options for possible changes due to circumstance.”

Today I am happily married with three children. I am still employed and my family is in good health, allowing us to continue growing our investment with thoughts about some lifestyle changes very soon.

My advice to others would be to utilise the knowledge of the team at Ambleside. They helped me to stick with the plan we’d created together, through good times and bad. We had a margin call back in 2008 when the stock market crashed, causing me to question the system. However, thanks to reassurance from the team at Ambleside I followed through with our plan and came out the other side with impressive results.

“The decisions made back in 2001 have put me into a position of financial security. I know that if I were to stop work for any reason, I needn’t worry about income or have concerns that my family will be provided for.”


Caitlin has given me great advice regarding my future plans and managing my super funds. And also helping me with insurance! She has excellent advice.


Having recently moved to Warrnambool, having sold property we were looking for general advice on what to do with our extra money left over from the sale. Thomas, along with James Kelly were very helpful! They listened to our situation and gave us the advise we expected and the help us feel more confident in our decision making and life choices. Very friendly and professional.

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