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Over the past few months we have met with two organisations that provide financial counselling services in the SW region. We sometimes get calls from people in need of assistance who we can’t help. In these cases it’s important to know who can provide support.

The two organisations are Bethany, which provides general financial counselling services to individuals; and the Rural Financial Counselling Service which supports farmers and small businesses.

Bethany’s Warrnambool office supports people living in the South West Victoria region. Support services available include emergency relief, financial counselling, support for family and tenancy assistance. Regarding financial counselling support, area’s the team can assist with include:

  • Identifying what you can / can’t do if you are having trouble paying debts, fines or bills

  • Outline your rights and obligations in relation to debts

  • Organise and implement payment plans

  • Assist with personal budgets

For more information, please either checkout their website

Financial Counsellor Shane, visited the team recently to discuss how the Rural Financial Counselling Service can help our local community. If you know of a loved one is in a farming business and are experiencing challenging financial times, reach out to the Rural Financial Counselling Service.

Shane explained how this free service helps to identify and plan a course of action to help farmers and small business owners, build a brighter financial future. For more information, give us a call at the office.


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James, Caitlin and Tom were back in the classroom last month attending the ‘Accidental Counsellor’ workshop. 

The aim of the course was to give the team skills they need when providing emotional support to clients.

Financial advice is becoming more complex. We are not trained counsellors but increasingly find ourselves in situations where clients need non-financial support.

The one-day course was run at the local TAFE and is highly recommended.

Contact Linda Wilson at 
for more information.

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