21 March 2019

Welcome to our autumn newsletter. This is the second version of the new layout where the articles are linked to our website, rather than attached to an email. For those of you who don’t have (or want!) email we will continue to send you a hard copy with the postman.

As part of the revision we’re including a greater range of articles, which are either in response to recent media reporting, or recurring questions we’re often being asked. Keep an eye out in this edition for an article by Caitlin on the proposed Labor tax policies in the lead up to the federal election, an article by Tom on the key differences between income protection insurance, Workcover and TAC; and an article by James on the outcomes of the Banking Royal Commission.

Centrelink and the ATO are continuing to be challenging, with applications and updates often held up due to department workload or simple human error. Where this happens, we may request additional authorities from you so we can follow-up applications on your behalf. In some cases we’ve found the quickest way is for you to come into the office and grant authority over the phone. This is far quicker than signed authorities that can take a staggering 30 days to approve. Centrelink is continuing to require detailed evidence of transaction history, especially for aged pension updates. In one example they wanted full transactions going back to 2010 for an aged pension that had already been going for two years. Thanks in advance for your patience if we have to come back to you multiple times asking for information.

We have recently started trialling a new internet based program called MyProsperity. It brings all your financial information together in one place, to give you a quick and accurate snapshot of your financial situation.

It is especially good at helping with tracking cashflow and processing bank account transactions, automatically categorising your expenses so you know, and can then control, where all your income goes. We hope to roll this out widely in time and more information can be found at www.ambleside.net.au /myprosperity.

As the final part of our online revamp we are looking to include client testimonials on our website and with the popular website Adviser Ratings. These are short written paragraphs from you, briefly describing what Ambleside has done and how we have helped. As most of you would be aware from your time on the internet testimonials are an increasingly important part of a business’ profile. We would greatly appreciate your support when we request these over the coming months.


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